Request for Bids

The Panama City-Bay County Airport and Industrial District, dba Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, will accept sealed bids for up to five (5) "Two-Post Vehicle Lifts”, at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport until 2:00 p.m. CST, on, February 20, 2018.

Q&A for Vehicle Bid Lift

Question: Is the electrical service to the lift included in this bid? In the equipment industry it is not uncommon to install the equipment and then have the owners electrician wire it in.  We can accommodate either way.

Answer:  Electrical termination point i.e disconnect or outlet will be provided by Owner.  Final connection to be coordinated between Owner and installer. 

Question: The lift you have spec'd has a different warranty when installed by an authorized installer.  As an authorized installer, will the installer have to be authorized by the manufacturer to bid the job to insure the warranty is maximized?

Answer:  STANDARD manufacturer warranty shall apply. No reduction in STANDARD due to installation shall be permitted. 

Question: Is concrete thickness known?  Or will it be up to the bidders to determine concrete thickness during a site survey?

Answer:  Concrete thickness at installation areas is six (6) inches. 

Question: There are existing lifts in these locations.  Will the existing lifts need to be handled as part of this bid?

Answer:  No. There are basic, floor-mounted, scissor type lifts currently installed and will be removed by Owner prior to beginning installation associated with this bid. 

We are also seeking bids for spring fertilization

Q&A for Spring Fertilization Bid

Question: Do you have the % of Slow Release for the 15-5-15 and % of minors?

Answer: At this time we do not have that specific breakdown. Historically, our analysis lab provides only base percentages and recommends slow release. 

Economic Development Alliance

The Bay Economic Development Alliance (EDA) assists in the attraction of new and diversified employers to Bay County. They also work to retain and encourage the expansion of existing diversified employers and to improve the business environment in Bay County. To connect with Bay EDA, call (850) 215-9965.