CLAS­SI­FI­CA­TION: Deputy Exec­u­tive Director

DEPART­MENT: Exec­u­tive

SUPER­VI­SOR: Exec­u­tive Director

EFFEC­TIVE DATE: Octo­ber 12023

PAY LEV­EL: 260 ($94,089.40 — $176,100.08)


DEF­I­N­I­TION: Pro­vides strate­gic man­age­ment and guid­ance for the ser­vices and activ­i­ties of the Pana­ma City — Bay Coun­ty Air­port and Indus­tri­al Dis­trict in gen­er­al; per­forms relat­ed work as assigned by the Exec­u­tive Director.

EXAM­PLES OF DUTIES: This is a senior man­age­ment posi­tion with over­sight of Busi­ness and Account­ing, Oper­a­tions, Pub­lic Safety/​Security, and Facil­i­ties Main­te­nance for the Pana­ma City — Bay Coun­ty Air­port and Indus­tri­al Dis­trict. Respon­si­bil­i­ties involve con­sid­er­able liai­son and pub­lic rela­tions activ­i­ties in work­ing with fed­er­al and state reg­u­la­to­ry author­i­ties, oth­er air­port man­agers, and with users and ten­ants of air­port facil­i­ties and prop­er­ty. This posi­tion requires in-depth knowl­edge of a wide range of fed­er­al, state and local reg­u­la­tions and rules relat­ing to fed­er­al avi­a­tion, air­field main­te­nance and oper­a­tions, emer­gency response, strate­gic plan­ning, con­tract man­age­ment and per­son­nel man­age­ment. Knowl­edge is usu­al­ly gained through sev­er­al years of expe­ri­ence with mul­ti-faceted air­port oper­a­tions. Con­sid­er­able ini­tia­tive and judg­ment are required to man­age the work of large and diverse divi­sions, accom­plish long-range goals and pro­vide effec­tive ser­vices to the pub­lic. Work is per­formed under the gen­er­al direc­tion of the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor and reviewed by the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor for over­all effec­tive­ness and qual­i­ty of end results. Super­vi­sion is exer­cised over sub­or­di­nate man­agers. The Deputy Exec­u­tive Direc­tor may be des­ig­nat­ed to act as the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor in his absence.

ESSEN­TIAL FUNC­TION: Works in part­ner­ship with oth­er air­port man­age­ment to devel­op and imple­ment long and short range strate­gic plans for depart­ments and their respec­tive divi­sions; devel­ops, facil­i­tates and/​or nego­ti­ates large, com­plex land leas­es, inter­pret­ing lease agree­ments and nego­ti­at­ing ten­ant relo­ca­tion, mas­ter plan­ning for hangar space and run­way devel­op­ment, etc.; per­forms cost of ser­vice stud­ies and rate analy­sis for air­port ser­vices and prop­er­ty; pre­pares detailed nar­ra­tive, sta­tis­ti­cal and finan­cial reports; assists in devel­op­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of new pro­grams and projects; man­ages and directs the work of mul­ti­ple sec­tions through sub­or­di­nate super­vi­sors; pro­vides guid­ance to oth­er man­agers on relat­ed issues; develops 

long term bud­get pro­jec­tions, pri­or­i­tizes require­ments for divi­sion, and assists in the devel­op­ment of the Air­port bud­get; and works coop­er­a­tive­ly to pro­vide qual­i­ty, seam­less cus­tomer ser­vice; serves on com­mit­tees and attends meet­ings as request­ed by the Exec­u­tive Director. 

Busi­ness and Account­ing, and Oper­a­tions: Man­ages and directs the work of mul­ti­ple sec­tions includ­ing air­port oper­a­tions, prop­er­ties and con­tract admin­is­tra­tion, ten­ant leas­es, hangar leas­es, air­port infor­ma­tion tech­nol­o­gy, marketing/​community rela­tions, and ground trans­porta­tion func­tions such as oper­a­tion of pub­lic park­ing garage, taxis and shut­tles; estab­lish­es pro­ce­dures for all air­port oper­a­tional activ­i­ties and ensures com­pli­ance with local and fed­er­al reg­u­la­tions and guide­lines through the Air­port Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Man­u­al; over­sees effec­tive­ness of air­port secu­ri­ty access con­trol; reviews air­port and ten­ant con­struc­tion plans for coor­di­na­tion of oper­a­tional secu­ri­ty issues.

Pub­lic Safety/​Security: Serves as pri­ma­ry Air­port Secu­ri­ty Coor­di­na­tor for all secu­ri­ty mat­ters relat­ed to air­port, air­lines, users, and ten­ants; estab­lish­es pro­ce­dures to ensure com­pli­ance of all air­port users, and ten­ant employ­ees with TSA require­ments through the Air­port Secu­ri­ty Plan; man­ages the Air­port Police Depart­ment through the Police Chief; mon­i­tors air­port fire fight­er train­ing, staffing, and response, con­ducts test­ing to ensure com­pli­ance with FAA require­ments; man­ages the Air­port Fire Depart­ment through the Fire Chief. 

Facil­i­ties Main­te­nance: Man­ages and directs out­side engi­neer­ing and archi­tec­tur­al design work; man­ages air­field and ter­mi­nal main­te­nance through the Main­te­nance Man­ag­er; acts as project man­ag­er on a vari­ety of Air­port con­struc­tion and engi­neer­ing projects involv­ing run­ways, taxi­ways, light­ing sys­tems, ter­mi­nal build­ings, hangars, etc.; assists Main­te­nance Man­ag­er in devel­op­ing facil­i­ty mas­ter plans based on depart­ment strate­gic objec­tives; acquires fund­ing and pre­pares and admin­is­ters grants for projects and ensures report­ing pro­ce­dures are com­plied with; pre­pares, eval­u­ates, and imple­ments pre­ven­tive main­te­nance programs.

QUAL­I­FI­CA­TIONS: Pre­ferred grad­u­ate from an accred­it­ed four (4) year col­lege or uni­ver­si­ty with a degree in Air­port Man­age­ment, Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion, Pub­lic Admin­is­tra­tion or equiv­a­lent pro­fes­sion­al expe­ri­ence. Advanced pro­fes­sion­al with knowl­edge in the prin­ci­ples and prac­tices of air­port admin­is­tra­tion and man­age­ment, prac­tices and prece­dents; of fed­er­al state and local rules and reg­u­la­tions per­tain­ing to air­port oper­a­tions and man­age­ment; of oper­a­tional require­ments of air­lines; of real estate man­age­ment, includ­ing leas­es and con­tracts; of gov­ern­men­tal bud­get­ing, pur­chas­ing and account­ing meth­ods; of project and team man­age­ment tech­niques; of long-range plan­ning tech­niques and pro­ce­dures; of Air­port emer­gency response and safe­ty pro­grams; of effec­tive super­vi­sion and per­for­mance man­age­ment; of con­tract man­age­ment and human rela­tions tech­niques; of com­put­er oper­a­tions, sys­tems and applications.

Abil­i­ty to ana­lyze and effec­tive­ly report upon oper­at­ing con­di­tions and prob­lems and rec­om­mend or install appro­pri­ate solu­tions; to gath­er, orga­nize and ana­lyze man­age­ment, finan­cial and relat­ed data; to pre­pare and present oral and writ­ten reports clear­ly and con­cise­ly; to effec­tive­ly plan, assign and direct the work of oth­ers; to nego­ti­ate rates and charges for leas­es, con­tracts and oth­er agree­ments; to over­see a mul­ti-mil­lion dol­lar annu­al divi­sion bud­get; to eval­u­ate and inter­pret var­i­ous fed­er­al, state and local reg­u­la­tions; to com­pute rates and charges for billing, con­tracts, and agree­ments; to pre­pare detailed staff stud­ies, reports, and cor­re­spon­dence; to effec­tive­ly man­age and super­vise the per­for­mance of staff; to assess train­ing needs and devel­op respon­sive pro­grams for meet­ing needs; to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tive­ly both ver­bal­ly and in writ­ing; to devel­op and main­tain effec­tive work­ing and pro­fes­sion­al rela­tion­ships with employ­ees, oth­er agen­cies, and the pub­lic; to han­dle con­tro­ver­sial issues in a diplo­mat­ic and pro­fes­sion­al manner.

ADDI­TION­AL REQUIRE­MENTS: Abil­i­ty to pass a crim­i­nal his­to­ry check and suc­cess­ful­ly com­plete a Trans­porta­tion Secu­ri­ty Admin­is­tra­tion 10 year employ­ment back­ground inves­ti­ga­tion; pos­ses­sion of a valid Flori­da dri­ver’s license. Accred­it­ed Air­port Exec­u­tive desir­able; to be on call dur­ing off duty hours in case of emergency.