Rates and Fees are adjust­ed annu­al­ly based on the Airport’s fis­cal year, from Octo­ber 1st through Sep­tem­ber 30th. Rates for each new fis­cal year will be post­ed on this page after Board approval of the rates and fees.

Airline Rates and Fees FY2020
Landing Fees - Per 1,000 lbs GLW $5.10
Terminal Rental Rate (per square foot per year) $63.64
Non-Signatory Bag Claim per Usage $60.66
Non-Signatory Ticket Counter/Queue per Usage $10.47
Non-Signatory Gate per Usage (upper level) $72.41
Non-Signatory Gate per Usage (lower level) $64.94
Passenger Facility Charge per Enplaned Passenger $4.50
Tenant Rates and Fees FY2020
Terminal Rental Rate $63.64
Concession Fees – Restaurant Greater of 10%-15% or Minimum Annual Guarantee
Concession Fees – News & Gifts Greater of 12% or Minimum Annual Guarantee
Concession Fees – Rental Car Greater of 10% or MinimumAnnual Guarantee
Concession Fees – Advertising Greater of 30% or Minimum Annual Guarantee
Taxi Fees (annual contract fee) $1,620.00
Pre-Arranged Transportation (per pickup) $6.00
Transportation Network Company (per pickup) $2.50
Hangar – 1,054 square feet (per year) (plus utilities & insurance) $5,059.20
Hangar – 1,413 square feet (per year) (plus utilities & insurance) $6,836.40
Hangar – 2,007 square feet (per year) (plus utilities & insurance) $9,458.76
Consolidated Rental Car Facility Operations & Maintenance (per square foot per year) $4.8151
Rental Car Ready Return Ground Operations & Maintenance(per square foot per year) $0.1128
ATM (per year) $4,400.00
Ground Rent (per square foot per year) $0.3299 - $0.3756
Fuel Flowage Fee (per gallon) $0.04
Cargo Building Office (per square foot per year) $46.38
Cargo Building Aircraft Parking (per year) $3,840.00
Banner Tow (per month) $125.00 + $10.00 per pickup
Other Rates and Fees FY2020
Customer Parking – Covered (per day) $13.00
Customer Parking – Short Term (per day) $11.00
Customer Parking – Long Term (per day) $9.00
Customer Parking – Covered - Annual (limited to 2X in/out per month) (Limited number available) $2,400.00
Non-based Crew Parking (per month) $35.00
Badge Fee with Fingerprints $54.00
Badge Fee without Fingerprints $23.00
Badge Fee – Replacement (Includes $50 Fine) $73.00
Badge Fee – Replacement, Ground Transportation $75.00
Badge Fee – Non-Returned Badge $50.00
AOA Vehicle Sticker $10.00
Consolidated Facility Charge (per day) $4.50

Accord­ing to Flori­da State Law, all rates and fees are sub­ject to Flori­da sales tax, if applicable.