August, 2023

Adden­dum #1 (Pre-Bid Questions)

Ques­tion: Is the voice recorder in the tow­er or at an alter­nate site?

Answer: Voice recorder is locat­ed in the tower.

Ques­tion: Do ATC per­son­nel have to come down to the 9th floor to retrieve recordings?

Answer: Yes.

Ques­tion: Is it only the ATIS radio to be replaced, or does the announc­er need to be replaced as well?

Answer: Only the trans­mit­ter radio is being replaced under this Invi­ta­tion to Bid”.

Ques­tion: Does the air­port request the old radios back or should the con­trac­tor take them?

Answer: Air­port to retain all radios and equip­ment removed under this Invi­ta­tion to Bid”.

Ques­tion: Are new racks to be installed or are the exist­ing ones to be used?

Answer: Exist­ing racks are to be reused. No racks, or rack equip­ment, oth­er than not­ed in the Invi­ta­tion to Bid” spec­i­fi­ca­tions for mount­ing hard­ware, are to be provided.

Ques­tion: Are anten­nas to be replaced?

Answer: No anten­nas are to be replaced under this Invi­ta­tion to Bid”.

Ques­tion: Are the BUEC radios to be replaced?

Answer: Radios, and radio equip­ment, are to be pro­vid­ed, replaced, and made oper­a­tional, in the quan­ti­ties and types spec­i­fied in the Invi­ta­tion to Bid”.