ECP Ready

May 272020


As Flori­da pre­pares to recov­er from the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic, ECP Ready encap­su­lates the nec­es­sary steps that North­west Flori­da Beach­es Inter­na­tion­al Air­port is tak­ing to be a leader of safe­ty, readi­ness, and eco­nom­ic recov­ery. This doc­u­ment is a liv­ing doc­u­ment and will be revised as con­di­tions warrant. 


To instill the high­est lev­el of con­fi­dence that ECP is the safest, clean­est, and most secure Air­port for our employ­ees and passengers. 


  1. Safe and Clean Facil­i­ties for our Team and Travelers
  2. Clear Com­mu­ni­ca­tions
  3. Orga­ni­za­tion­al Resilience
  4. Strength­en­ing the Business
  5. Engine for Eco­nom­ic Recovery

Safe and Clean Facil­i­ties for our Team and Travelers

  • Enhanced Facil­i­ty Cleaning 
  • Increased Clean­ing Fre­quen­cy with Ded­i­cat­ed Clean­ing Crews 
    • Addi­tion­al staffing to increase san­i­tiz­ing of high touch points.
  • Revised work sched­ules for best opti­miza­tion and real­lo­ca­tion of clean­ing effort. 
  • Addi­tion­al Equip­ment and Cut­ting-Edge Clean­ing Products
    • Restroom and high touch areas in addi­tion to increase focus, will be dis­in­fect­ed nightly. 
  • Hand san­i­tiz­er units have been installed through­out the Terminal. 
  • Enable Social Distancing:
  • TSA Secu­ri­ty Check­point Queues
    • Floor decals have been installed at 6 ft. inter­vals to main­tain social dis­tanc­ing in the checkpoint. 
  • Tick­et Counters 
    • Col­lab­o­rate with Air­lines to install plex­i­glass shields to pro­vide dis­tanc­ing between pas­sen­gers and counter agents. 
  • Floor decals have been installed at 6 ft. inter­vals to main­tain social distancing.
  • If need­ed, stag­ger self-ser­vice machines avail­able for cus­tomer use (use of every oth­er one)
  • Pas­sen­ger Parking
  • Pas­sen­ger shut­tles, tick­et dis­pensers, and exit booths are wiped down sev­er­al times a day. 
  • Encour­age cus­tomers to prac­tice social distancing
  • Bag­gage Claim
  • Spread flights out among bag­gage claim belts
  • Encour­age air­lines to pro­mote car­ry-on only
  • Encour­age cus­tomers to prac­tice social distancing
  • Gate Hold Areas
    • Encour­age air­lines to stag­ger flights to every oth­er gate to max­i­mize open-hold areas.
  • Pro­mote social dis­tanc­ing with pub­lic mes­sag­ing, sig­nage and placards
  • Encour­age cus­tomers to prac­tice social distancing
  • Con­ces­sions
    • Oper­a­tions adjust­ed to reflect cur­rent conditions.
  • Recon­fig­ured seat­ing areas to pro­mote social distancing.
  • Reduced num­ber of oppor­tu­ni­ties for sit-down service.
  • Uti­lize floor mount­ed adhe­sives and sig­nage to pro­mote social distancing.
  • Meeters and Greeters in the Main Terminal
  • Encour­age Meeters and Greeters to not enter the Ter­mi­nal and wait for the pas­sen­gers in their vehicle.
  • Excep­tion: Indi­vid­u­als escort­ing unac­com­pa­nied minors


  • Inter­nal Communications
    • Main­tain Reg­u­lar Updates with­in Core Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Lanes
      • Exec­u­tive Direc­tor hold­ing week­ly (vir­tu­al) ten­ant meet­ings, to keep all ten­ants and employ­ees up to speed on COVID-19.
    • Lim­it­ing face to face meet­ings. Uti­liz­ing vir­tu­al meet­ings when­ev­er possible.
  • Exter­nal Communications
  • Out­side Agency Coordination
  • Main­tain coor­di­na­tion with the Bay Coun­ty Emer­gency Oper­a­tions Cen­ter, Bay Coun­ty Health Depart­ment, Bay Coun­ty Emer­gency Med­ical Services. 
  • Par­tic­i­pate in all con­fer­ence calls that per­tain to avi­a­tion and COVID-19, such as, FAC, FDOT, ACI-NA, AAAE, and etc. 
  • Core Mes­sages
    • CDC / FL Depart­ment of Health: Health-relat­ed content
  • US Trav­el Assn: Inspi­ra­tional, resilient, community-oriented
  • Pro­mote car­ry-ons only and mobile board­ing pass­es, reduc­ing cus­tomer vol­ume at tick­et coun­ters if needed.
  • Rec­om­mend depart­ing pas­sen­gers arrive no lat­er than two (2) hours before domes­tic flight to reduce crowd­ing at tick­et coun­ters and checkpoints 
  • Main­tain Engage­ment with Key Audiences
    • Social Media – pub­lic and travelers
  • Web­site – Trav­el guid­ance & what to expect
  • Media – Local, nation­al, industry
  • Sig­nage – Elec­tron­ic locat­ed in bag­gage claim
  • PA Sys­tem Announce­ment – Air­port wide 
  • Encour­age cus­tomers to prac­tice social distancing 
  • Coor­di­nate Mes­sag­ing with Part­ner Agencies 
    • Flori­da Depart­ment of Health
  • State of Flori­da / sur­round­ing counties 
  • Ten­ants
  • FAA & Home­land Security


  • Estab­lished and Imple­ment­ed Busi­ness Con­ti­nu­ity Plan
    • Exam­ples of Key Elements:
      • Split shifts for essen­tial workers
    • Enable remote work­ing wher­ev­er possible
    • Reviewed/​Implemented tem­po­rary guid­ance regard­ing use of leave for COVID-relat­ed illnesses


  • Bud­get Review and Realignment
    • Adjust O&M and Cap­i­tal Budgets 
      • Line-by-line review
    • Project defer­rals or postponements
  • Ten­ant Assis­tance Programs
    • Relief Pro­gram
      • Avail­able to pri­ma­ry ten­ants: Air­lines, Con­ces­sion­aires, Rental Car Operators
    • Assist with con­nect­ing ten­ants with avail­able resources


  • Iden­ti­fy key projects with exter­nal fund­ing and/​or abil­i­ty to strate­gi­cal­ly ben­e­fit from reduced pas­sen­ger activ­i­ty levels
    • Con­tin­u­ing or accel­er­at­ed projects
  • Ter­mi­nal Expan­sion Project
  • Taxi­way E‑1 Project
  • Tran­sient Apron Project 
  • Project Gator
    • Deliv­ers instant eco­nom­ic impact / mul­ti­pli­er effect 
      • Main­tains employment
    • Improves the capac­i­ty of key gate­way to the state of Florida
  • Shov­el Ready Projects 
    • Iden­ti­fy and pre­pare projects for any avail­able stim­u­lus or dis­cre­tionary funding
  • Cell Phone Park­ing Lot Expansion


  • Gov­er­nor DeSan­tis Exec­u­tive Orders, Cen­ter for Dis­ease Con­trol, Flori­da Depart­ment of Health, Flori­da Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion, Bay Coun­ty Health Depart­ment and oth­er Plans impact­ing air­port operations.